Take Out North York is Tasty and Diverse

In the mood for takeout? Not sure what you want? Well, why not try authentic Georgian cuisine? You’re sure to find what you want, whether you live in North York or surrounding areas. Lots of takeout choices abound for those living in the area. We are no strangers to delicious foods, and have been in the business for many years. Choose Georgia Restaurant for tasting great Caucasian main entrees like Chicken Tabaka, Pork Shishkebob, Chanakhi and Chakapuli. You’ll love the mouth watering options available to you once you peruse the diverse menu. Get refreshing drinks, hot and cold appetizers, main courses and desserts as part of your takeout experience in North York and Toronto.

As a takeout North York option, choose from appetizers like Adjarian Khachapuri, which is Georgian cheese bread with eggs; Khinkhali, which are Georgian style dumplings; Golubzi, which are Russian cabbage rolls served with sour cream; Badrijani, which is eggplant and garlic with pomegranate seeds and walnut paste; and Georgian Style Pickled Vegetables, a common crowd pleaser.

In the mood for soup? Try Kharcho, which is Georgian lamb/beef soup; Borsch, a Russian soup made of beet and served with sour cream); Ukha, a delicious fish soup; Solianka, a mixed meat soup with olives, capers, tomatoes and lemons; or Okroshka, a cold soup with vegetables and potatoes. Soup is the perfect prelude to your dinner. Visit our menu and see the full list of Georgia’s authentic dishes.

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to takeout in Georgia Restaurant. Many North York surrounding areas, such as Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill and Maple, all boast great takeout services. But only Georgia Restaurant can satisfy your need for authentic Georgian cuisine. People from all over these areas come to us for the best takeout and dine-in services available. We've even got a kids menu to satisfy the little ones’ tastes. And our dessert menu is to die for, featuring ice cream for the wee ones, Pelamushi, which is Georgian candy comprised of walnuts in hardened grape juice, homemade fruit kompot and assorted pastries that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

No matter what you’re in the mood for when you get hungry, come on in and check us out. Our scrumptious menu will keep you calling back for more. Give us a call or check out our menu for more information, such as hours and directions, menus and even a photo gallery.

We hope to deliver our tasty dishes to your location or to see you in the restaurant soon. Bring your appetite!

We hope to deliver our tasty dishes to your location or to see you in the restaurant soon.
Bring your appetite!