Get a Lifetime Experience of Enjoying a Party in Banquet Hall North York

The search for a favorite eatery can be a long and drenching one. A good restaurant is not all about the cuisine, it is not the impeccable service or the exotic aroma, it is a combination of all those good qualities supplemented with an atmosphere of bliss that brings in that feeling of warmth and familiarity. Georgia Restaurant epitomizes this by giving you not only comfort and savory cuisine but also an infusion of genuine hospitality. We have everything you need in a restaurant. Whether for few or for a large number of guests, our North York Banquet Hall will give you an experience that will keep you satisfied.

Georgia restaurant is designed with the customers in mind and is based on the need to satiate patrons providing them with mouthwatering solutions to all their culinary appetites. In addition, by being part of our restaurant, you stand to enjoy a number of other facilities and services.

Spacious hall

Our Banquet Hall remains unmatched as a favorite site for all sorts of occasions. Designed with a unique and modern style that brings in a sense of happy and relaxed ambiance; this is a suitable place for birthdays, classic weddings, corporate events and retreats. It is spacious and there is an emphasis on blissful decor to give you and your guests an experience you will cherish for long. For corporate events and with a capacity of more than 150 guests, you are bound to find Banquet Hall North York adequate as every detail is tailored to accommodate the different tastes of your guests.

For private parties, the Party Room Toronto is the place to be. We have planned every detail meticulously and equipped this room with modern facilities to offer you an experience of a lifetime. The entertainment options are limitless including a private DJ and customized music options to make your party lively.

Diverse cuisine

We have highly qualified chefs drawn from the best experience schools around. At Georgia Restaurant every meal is a chef’s favorite and you can be sure of finger licking food that will leave you inching for more. The menu is directly inspired by the diversity that Georgia offers with a clear focus on tasteful, simple and fresh local ingredients. The menu is tailored for individual tastes, social and corporate events served in an environment of bliss and joyful relaxation. If you want a real taste of Georgia try our Khinkali made with a special recipe that has been passed from generations to generations. You will also find our Chakhokhbili and Kharcho Soup really mouthwatering.

Georgia Restaurant is ideal for all kinds of guests looking for a venue that is accessible to most of Toronto’s major corporations. We pride ourselves of being located in a prime locality giving you an unmatched view of the city. You can easily access other crucial parts of this locality either for business or pleasure. If you are in search of a place that offers unrivalled hospitality, exotic cuisine and delightful ambiance Georgia Restaurant will surely enchant you!

If you are in search of a place that offers unrivalled hospitality, exotic cuisine and delightful ambiance Georgia Restaurant will surely enchant you! Contact us today to discuss menu and book you date.