Georgian Cuisine

Georgian cuisine earned a good reputation and is widely spread among gourmets around the world. It has many historical features. Connoisseurs know that the famous Georgian longevity is a result of healthy Georgian food - when Georgians are cooking it seems like the work of art creation; in Georgian cuisine a lot of attention paid to all kinds of entrees that are seasoned with various ingredients, raw greens, walnuts, sharp spices, sauces, garnet, etc. All of these products enrich the taste, variety of dishes and improve food nutrition.

Healthy fare includes appetizers such as Adjarian Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread with eggs), Khinkhali (Georgian-style dumplings), Badrijani (eggplant and garlic with pomegranate seeds and walnut paste) and Dolma (ground lamb with rice and aromatic herbs wrapped in grape leaves), the original Georgian appetizer. Select from large entrees of Chashushuli (veal stew with georgian spiced sauce with paprika, onions and herbs), Chanakhi (tender lamb stew with vegetables, served in a clay pot) Chakhokhbili (stewed chicken with tomatoes and aromatic spices) Chicken Tabaka (marinated cornish hen), along with a wide range of fish and other meats. Georgia Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Dine in and take out is available.

We invite you to taste the most "gusto" of Caucasian cuisine:

  • Khinkali - "great dumplings" - a very large and delicious dumplings!
  • Khachapuri - extraordinary bread with cheese, the name of this interesting dish comes from the Georgian words "cheese" (hacho) and "bread" (puri).

Many dishes are roasted on a spit, they are considered the most favorite and delicious dishes of Georgian table. Meat, fish, vegetables and even milk (remember the famous Georgian roasted cheese) products are roasted on a spit. They are strung on a metal skewer (shampur), placed on burning coals without flame and fried until well-done, turning constantly for smooth frying. Cooked this way, products become juicy and the meat well absorbed - its much healthier, since it is not saturated with oil. Caucasian centenarian's cuisine and particularly the Georgians cuisine full of life and energy of nature. Therefore, Georgians keep harmonious feasts customs, which are gather many friends and honored guests - even today at the age of virtual life. After all the loved ones we have bring the happiness to our life, especially during the gatherings; adding to this delicious and healthy meal we'll get a long and happy life!

Georgian Banquet Hall

Serving up to 150 guests for both lunch and dinner, we can accommodate your requests. If you are looking for a Banquet hall where you can put on celebration or party, or to organize a corporate event - visit Georgia restaurant, and experience the genuine hospitality! Georgia Banquet hall is a great place for celebration, family events and parties. Warm and welcoming atmosphere, magnificent Georgian and European cuisine, attentive and fast service will help create the perfect mood. You will find at our Georgian restaurant:

  • Live music and Georgian dance show
  • Host and reach event program
  • Banquet hall decorations for any taste and style

Our restaurant serves a great portions that really come "from the heart," we have beautiful Georgian music, and sometimes you may find yourself on the dance floor as well!